Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan

The establishment of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan is an act of historical significance by the NWFP Government since independence of the country in 1947. Being located at the focal point, the area had witnessed the rise and fall of the famous civilizations that inspired the world with the glorious culture and civilized traditions devoted to learning and scholarship. Unfortunately, with the passage of time and onslaught by the bellicose tribes the human achievements spanning thousands of years were got buried in the debris of time. The establishment of Abdul Wali Khan University is a bold step forward to resurrect and bring back the same dazzling culture by mobilizing the intellectual resources of young scholars and to deepen their vision about the crying need to join together the human society irrespective of caste, colour or creed. The AWK University is administered and managed by Prof. Dr. Ihsan Ali a distinguished and experienced educationist who is a promising son of the soil, with rich experiences and deep love for promoting cause of higher education. The university would introduce all the modern departments of teaching basic sciences, social and applied sciences with a credible base of quality education and research to equip the minds of young scholars with worthwhile objectives of life. The university will attract students from Swabi, Charsadda, Nowsehra, Mardan, Swat, Shangla, Bunair, Dir, Chitral, Northern Punjab, Kohat, Southern parts of NWFP, and the extensive Tribal region along the boundaries of the Province. Most of the young students of these areas who have the intellectual capability of getting higher education can not avail of this opportunity due to extreme poverty.
The establishment of AWKUM would facilitate in bringing their intellectual resources in the useful channels by equipping them with the latest knowledge and research being unfolded in the sphere of higher education. The people of the region and the leaders have been striving hard over the years and the establishment of AWKUM is the realization of their cherished dreams. The university would certainly develop the intellectual, moral and physical resources of the youth and would channelize their inherent energies toward useful goals. They will be brain stormed and motivated with awareness to realise about the rapidly changing and progressing world around them. AWKUM would also usefully collaborate with the prestigious universities of the country and abroad to share the latest discoveries and research input in different fields of intellectual endeavour. The message of peace and universal brotherhood as practised and preached by the founding father (Late) Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan) will be the motto of the university to steer the organization in the years ahead which would induct Pakistan into the comity of respectable nations of the world.  
Peshawar Valley, of which Mardan remains the centre, has the credit to have produced one of the world most well known civilization, the Gandhra Civilization. The three successive capitals of Gandhara Civilization (Pushkalavati – Charsadda 6th to 1st Century BC), Purshapura – Peshawar  1st to 5th Century AD and Ohind – Hund  6th to 10th Century A.D are all located at a short distance from the city Mardan.

The region of Gandhara, imparted new impetus to the Buddhist religion by introducing Art in stone, Stucco, Terracotta and Bronze which travelled from here to China, Korea, Japan and introduced the Buddhist religion there. The area still remains the centre of Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world, who are attracted to this centre of world famous civilization that stood on fine values of humanity and bright culture enhancing the sense of beauty in human art, architecture and Literature. The Monasteries, particularly the one at Takht-i-Bahi has played a major role by introducing this religion to the world as a great source of learning and peace. The ruins at the top of Takht-i-Bahi mountain with their empty courts even today reminds us that some things are enduring in human history which are based on the lasting principles of human affections, dignity and liberty achieved through refinement of intellect and soul. The glimpses of this wonderful human achievement can still be witnessed through Art pieces and relics decorating the panels of museums across the world.  Peshawar Museum exhibiting majority of pieces from Mardan is having the unique and most extensive collection of Gandhara Art.

The Rock Edicts of King Asoka at Shahbazgarhi dating to the Pre-Christian Era at a few kilometres from Mardan are another great example of glory of the region and love of humanity and brotherhood practised in this land of fragrance of the ancient Gandhara.

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